Rios vs Alvarado: The rematch

Rios vs Alvarado: The rematch

Former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios is excited by the prospect of getting in the ring with Mike Alvarado once again.

Both fighters fought in what many pundits regard as the best fight of 2012 when they clashed at the Home Depot Centre in California.

The boxing fraternity will have the opportunity to see the two fighters lock horns again at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas on Saturday.

"It's never too soon to do it again," Rios told the Miami Herald. "We are warriors and if you are a warrior, you want to fight again and again and again.

"The first fight was great. I feel great and I'm ready for another battle," added Rios, who has yet to be defeated in his 32 professional fights.

The last time these two gentlemen met, Rios won by way of technical knockout in the tenth round. This time there will be further incentive for the fighters, as they look to battle it out for the interim WBO light welterweight title.

Alvarado, excited as he is about returning to the ring this weekend, said the circumstances would be significantly different this time.

"Why will I fight him again? It is a fight that the fans want," said Alvarado. "Having the rematch gives me an opportunity to redeem myself after the first fight. That was a good fight. We are both warriors," he added.